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What I do most. Glasbak is an agency for creative concepts founded in 2005. After finishing my internship at the company in 2010, I decided to buy it. Since then the company has maintained a steady growth doing regional, national and international projects. Our main strength is strategic communication; all of our concepts are based on succes for our customers.

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A separate brand for all of Glasbak’s 360 content. We deliver high quality 360 photography, 360 video and VR content. This new platform for media is an amazing experience and can be delivered to desktops, phones, tablets & vr headsets. A whole new way experience with more immersion than standard video & photography.

TUUP Clothing

A hobby turned pro. Together with my girlfriend we founded TUUP Clothing in 2016. Our streetwear focuses on being proud of your heritage. All of our designs are based on typical things from Parkstad, Limburg.

Creative Corridor

My first co-workingspace, founded in 2014. A co-workingspace for small, creative entrepreneurs. It houses filmmakers, copywriters, photographers and everything in between. It’s a tight knit community. It’s run by my foundation: Proving Grounds.

Spark City

I joined the board of members of Spark City in 2017. This co-workingspace focuses on growth focused entrepreneurs and outplacement teams; those who will thrive in a co-workingspace but also need room for small teams.